Why should a growing business opt for a dedicated server?

growing business server

If you are interested in growing your business you should select a dedicated server that is fast, secure, properly managed and has the right software tools. Here is a look at why you should consider a dedicated server hosting provider.

1.    Security

You probably wonder about high time about your website which is done by dedicated server hosting. You lose the reliability and stability of dedicated servers with shared hosting. It lets you control your website from getting attacked by malware or a handful of software. With a dedicated server, you will have great security control on customer management and transactions on FTP and SSL.

2.    Flexibility

Versatility is still a crucial consideration when selecting the ideal hosted web server, and a dedicated server offers all of the flexibility you want. A dedicated server includes customizable features that allow you to tailor the CPU, software, RAM, disc space, and other aspects of the server to your own requirements. As your business expands and your computing activities rise, a dedicated server gives you the flexibility you need to respond to changes in your computing demands.

3.    Reliability

When you use shared hosting, you end up getting performance similar to other sites on the server. In case, your website’s performance gets affected if any of the related websites received heavy traffic. The result can be slow loading of the website and it will impact your impression on your visitors. This can also affect your SEO. In this condition, you can rely on dedicated hosting as you won’t be sharing your host with anyone else.

4.    Customizing the server

You will have total control over the hosting environment, regardless of whether you are renting, colocating, or operating your own dedicated server. When you use a shared server, you cannot adjust hardware specifications to your needs. Dedicated servers let you:

  • Install the OS, software, and apps you need.
  • Adjust the settings to fit your needs.
  • Configure any resource management system.

5.    Uniqueness

If your business chooses dedicated hosting, it will receive a unique IP. You don’t have to be concerned about other tenants’ activities because you’re the only one in charge of the server’s IP address. This feature is required if you want to host a dedicated mail server or an e-commerce site that accepts credit cards over SSL. A public static IP address also removes the need for your team to update records whenever a lease expires or IP addresses are cycled.

The Takeaway

Although dedicated hosting may not be the optimal choice for everyone, businesses with use cases that require it can typically not function properly with another hosting model.

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