Top 5 Control Panels For Your VPS Hosting Plan

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There are many things that can be achieved through a VPS control panel. In addition to changing your plan, adding resources, removing resources, and paying your VPS bill, you can do much more using a good VPS control panel.


This panel is only available for Linux users which is one of the most often used control panels. By using WHM(Web Host Manager), you get a graphical interface and a server administration interface. You can look after your website as they function together. Replying is great for both beginners and developers who value consoles over aesthetics.


Ajenti is a web control panel that is free source. While some provide near-perfect VPS server hosting, Ajenti provides a more efficient service. It comes with current utilities such as a text editor, code management, terminal access, and file manager pre-installed. You may also set up Python, Ruby, PHP, and Node.js apps, in addition to a broad range of operating systems.


It is available and compiled with both Windows and Linux OS. European hosting providers are also quite fond of it. Plesk is one of the most convenient and efficient to use despite its operating system. There are several categories of options. To the left is a list of options that you can choose from. Here, multiple websites can be regulated using a single panel. Regardless of the level of hosting knowledge a user has, Plesk is a breeze to use today. Additionally, Plesk is excellent at managing resources. Plesk is an ideal choice for Windows-based VPS Hosting plans that do not feature a ton of RAM.


This is a widely-used open source control panel under the BSD licence, developed by ISPConfig UG. It uses a web-based interface to let users to do common panel tasks—primarily for Linux users. It also comes with a simple, user-friendly interface for managing many servers based on login levels such as reseller, administrator, client, or email user.

Administrative Direct

It belongs to one of the most convinient, hassle-free and firm panels available on market. Its user interface is highly intuitive. This is a very affordable program. All these options are available and visible at the top of the page. The control panel offers three levels of access: Administrator, User, and Reseller. It also provides the feature of anti-spam built-in. Also, the utilization data of each resource can be viewed.


Your website depends on your hosting control panel. The wrong choice here can really end up costing you later on. They’re at the core of so many controls and configurations.

VPS Hosting plans from us have pre-integrated cPanel or Plesk panels, so you don’t have to worry about setting them up. As well as a great control panel, your website will also be hosted by a reliable provider, which is critical for its success.

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