1. Acceptance of terms and conditions

Prior to using the services offered by the company “vedawebhost.com”, you must first agree to the terms and conditions of the company. You may not be able to use the services without accepting the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions can be accepted through the following two actions – 1. By clicking to “agree to terms and conditions” mentioned on an order form, or 2. By using the services. In the case of fully managed Windows or Linux servers, you may not use such services or accept the terms and conditions, if you are not of a legal age to bind the contract with us “vedawebhost.com” to use our hosting services. 

  1. Server uses

Our dedicated servers have all the authority to deny access to its servers to anybody. Here are the server uses that we [vedawebhost.com] restrict doing:

  • Adult material, including pornography, erotica, related pictures or any kind of vulgar content.
  • Bit Torrents
  • Illegal content, including copyrighted work, any content related to disregarding any country, state or local law and regulation of any place on the planet.
  • Warez, including emulators, hacking, IP caricaturing, ROMS, phreaking and more. The mentioned list includes anyone who involves in any of the above and related material.
  1. Governing laws

The agreement between you and Dedicated Servers should be governed by the laws of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and India in all respects. The gatherings will be subject to the non-restrictive wardship of the courts of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and India indefinitely. The headings are merely for reference and do not in any way characterise, confine, translate, or show the degree or degree of each area.

  1. High resource usage policy

Anytime when a server is monitored to be utilized unnecessary, our dedicated servers have a caution to shut down the server immediately for prevention. Such feature is integrated to avoid any kind of server abuse. Where appropriate, record holders may be provided the option of having Dedicated Servers revive the server with additional assets for an additional fee. If the record holder anticipates a significant change in transfer speed usage, please contact us to avoid administrations being shut down due to large actual movement increases. While reasonable efforts will be made to limit inbound and outgoing attacks on separates, Dedicated Servers are not obligated to limit or stop such attacks, and the record holder may be in charge of all transfer speed used, whether used or added to, by an assault.

  1. Bandwidth

At “vedawebhost.com” we have limited every server’s monthly information exchange quota.  In case the data transfer capacity i.e bandwidth surpassed the limit, then the resource holder will be liable to bear the extra expense of surpassed bandwidth. Data transmission usage will be dedicated monitored by dedicated servers. Observation of data transmission is computed through the means of net flow. Above all, dedicated servers have all the authority to uproot the administration that surpassed their bandwidth without giving any notification. Excess usage of data transmission capacity will be charged at the rate mentioned on windows and Linux dedicated servers site pages https://vedawebhost.com/all-dedicated-servers/

  1. New user
  2. The new user profile must be valid
  3. The new user is not allowed to register with multiple accounts.
  4. Do not order with proxy.
  5. Do not involve in any of the activities – SPAM, DDoS, hacking or any kind of harmful activities.
  6. We provide our service as-is, with no guarantees that IPs will be free of blacklists.
  7. Do not involve in Phishing, fraud or do not post any unlawful content.
  8. We review manually when a new customer makes an order, it can take up to 12 to 24 hours.

Restrictions for Server

It is not permitted to use purchased administrations as backup space. (With the exception of the reinforcement of a cPanel-derived record.) Permission will not be granted to use the record as a document storage device once more. Furthermore, Exchanges that are not allowed on the whole of our facilitating staff (for example, videos and papers posted from the record) are recorded below.                                                                                                                  

IRC Scripts/Bots

Bruteforce Programs/Scripts/Applications

Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts and Mailer Pro

Standard Ad benefits (business pennant advertisements)

Intermediary Scripts/Anonymizers

Photograph Hosting Scripts (model: Photobucket or Tinypic)

IP Scanners

Record Dump/Mirror Scripts (model: rapidshare, rapidleech)

Programmer locales centered/documents/programs

Locales advancing criminal operations

Limitations for Server/Virtual Server Service Users

Business Audio Streaming

Selling things without legitimate authorizations


Bank Bonds/Bank Bill Trading Programs

False Sites (not restricted to locales recorded aa419.org and escrow-fraud.com

IP Scanners

Selling things without appropriate authorizations

Programmer destinations centered/chronicles/programs

Bruteforce Programs/Scripts/Applications

Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts and Mailer Pro

Destinations advancing criminal operations

Bank Bonds/Bank Bill Trading Programs

Fake Sites

In the event that you have any questions about the adequacy of your site or administrations, you can get in touch with us

Zero Tolerance Rules

The new hosting, server and digital Services fully online. Take this into consideration that spam is totally probhited as well as any illegal activity is also not tolerable at all.

Also we will not bear any kind of spam and comparative spontaneous messages. The customer account that send spam will be dropped abruptly straightforwardly.

You can’t send spam messages to the worker who is in possessed by vedawebhost. In the event any unusual record enters into the IP address, the record will be directly suspended or shut right away.

It is strictly prohibited to post substance that hurt the interest of minors like youngsters feeling sexually hurt and any type of comparable continent. If any chance that the youngster porn is faciliated to the website that record will be promptly erased without any notice.

If our worker naturally introduced our product to the outsider, who are the proprietor of the records the result will be suspension of that record. If the circumstances will not lead to the natural recognised matter, the managers of Framework will eliminate the exchanges which are made by the record proprietor, straightforwardly the log and permit to that record will also be suspended.The droppage of records will be suspended with a note of issue been intentionally made by record proprietor.

DDOS assaults that may go to the mailboomer, flood, IP spoofing and so on. Which result in influencing the different clients on the worker, that record will be suspended                                                            rioghtaway. The types of Record which experience this kind of issue will be immediately dropped.

At the time of abrupt asset utilisation and continuous event that influence the working of general worker, that record will be quickly suspended all together as not to influence the Other records. There is any reports who find this kind of the show will be dropped often times.

If there is any event where there is a condition that client and a supplier will not work under the prescribed conditions. If there is any client that end the work without the interference of help days and the present situation will not be disclosed to the client. In the event where client choose not to work again with the help time frame, the assistant will never be given.

Payment Information

All the installment are made within the prescribed time. All in all, no instalment is made after the prescribed period, the payment of installment should be paid before utilising the assistance. The date on which the request is finished and the record is inactive will be considered as the last installment date for the solicitations repeating.

In the facilitating situation if the last installment of the receipt surpasses the one day, the record will be transfer into the suspension and if the installment is in made within the 3 days, the solicitations will be consequently dropped and the

Record will also be dropped.

In the case of server and virtual server, the payment of last installment surpasses 2 days, the record of the client will be suspended and if the installment is in meet within the 5 days, the solid tuitions will be consequently dropped and the record will also be dropped. Vedawebhost have no insurance services and data.

General Service Agreement iT4iNT Pvt Ltd is engaged directly or through its Affiliates in the business of providing Services (defined below). The Customer who wishes to purchase Services from iT4iNT Pvt Ltd  must accept the contract as defined below – KYC Documentation What is KYC? Know Your Customer (KYC) involves standards devised to protect enterprises/organizations/institutions against fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing. Why we require KYC? We required KYC for security purposes as mandated by the CERT-IN under section 70B, Information technology Act 2000. Check out the links below for the details https://www.cert-in.org.in/Directions70B.jsp  https://www.cert-in.org.in/PDF/CERT-In_Directions_70B_28.04.2022.pdf iT4iNT Pvt Ltd requires KYC documentation to dodge any fraudulent activity. We ensure to keep the information and details you share private and secure with us as per our privacy policy. We only ask for the KYC documentation in some cases, including Any mode of Payment Gateway Purchasing VPS(Virtual Private Server) for constructing VPN and any India based services Making payment via Paypal payment mode that constitutes a different registered email ID from your client portal email ID  In case of the denial from your side in providing KYC, iT4iNT Pvt Ltd is not liable and accountable to deliver any service or credit-back policy. We suggest that every user must go through the TOS before placing the order. Documents required Any of the two documents listed below can be provided for the KYC documentation at iT4iNT Pvt Ltd – Passport Driving License Voter Id (Applicable to Indian User) Pan Card (Applicable to Indian User) Aadhar Card (Applicable to Indian User) GST Registration Detail (Applicable to Indian User) Company Registration Detail General – TERM OF SERVICE; SERVICE ACTIVATION “Service Order Form” or “SOF” shall indicate the particular order form by which all Services shall be requested by Customer and iT4iNT Pvt Ltd has agreed to provide under this Agreement. The SOF will reveal all the details reasonably essential for iT4iNT Pvt Ltd to provide that Service, including but not limited to the Service  Activation Date, the Initial Term, and the associated fees. Delivery time iT4iNT Pvt Ltd delivers ordered dedicated servers within 3 to 5 working days. In case the service delivery takes longer, your billing cycle will get adjusted accordingly. Note that the server deployment can take around 24 to 72 Hours for South America regions like Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, and China. . Payment terms iT4iNT Pvt Ltd enables its customers to make payments through multiple options, including Paypal, International debit/credit card, Indian debit/credit card, etc. iT4iNT Pvt Ltd understands the value and respects the money investment of its customers. Thus, the company ensures to provide a 7-days credit back guarantee as a refund for all the VPS services except dedicated and custom order. Any applicable refund is credited to your iT4iNT Pvt Ltd account rather than into your personal account. Following are the criteria or eligibility you must meet to claim your rebate or credit back – You must be a new customer at iT4iNT Pvt Ltd without any past records with us as there is no credit-back policy for second-time users. You have to apply for a rebate within seven days from the service delivered date. If the rebate fulfills our given criteria, the respective amount will get added to your iT4iNT Pvt Ltd Credit Account. Note: In case you make a payment more than once mistakenly, the second payment is non-refundable. While utilizing the International payment gateway, the user must respond to the ticket sent for confirmation about the payment and other details after the order gets placed. In case of no response from the user’s side to the confirmation ticket, iT4iNT Pvt Ltd reserves the right to block or report the respective email ID and account and not eligible for refund or credit back policy. Customers are able to take two Addon IPS under basic plan and three addon IPS under Premium and Enterprise plan ,In starter plan there is no addon IP available. Due to the limited availability of IPs you must justify the reason for taking the Addon IPs. We are currently in the “maxmind , ipip , ip2location” these three mainstream database update IP location. So other providers data may vary due to no updation of details on time. So any other database providers data may not be considered for IP geolocation. Using or Hosting any kind of online booking system/IRCTC, government related or any website related to finance via any means, locally or via the Internet, on our servers then it shall be considered under the breach of T & C, Legal action will also be taken if we found it necessary with no refund policy. Abusing and misusing services is strictly prohibited. Any misuse, illegal usage, and infringements of these agreements will waive your right to obtain a refund. None of our servers come with Port 25 open except if bulk mailing server or any specific requirement with port 25 required with conditions before placing order with our sales executive. iT4iNT Pvt Ltd reserves all the rights to accept or decline the refund if any customer violates the terms of services and policy. The payment you make or the credit you get back from or in your iT4iNT Pvt Ltd account is non-refundable. You can utilize the credits your iT4iNT Pvt Ltd account holds for purchasing further services. There is no refund policy provided for dedicated server, custom order and the additional services purchase along with the VPS and dedicated server as an Add on services such as SSL certificate, backup service, Control Panel, IPs, Bandwidth etc. In case of add fund request, no user is liable for refund as the request is generated by the user preference so, once user add the fund it will be deposited as credited to their client area account only. Starter Package for South America region comes with IPv6 only no IPv4 provided and also not eligible for upgrade and credit back policy  iT4iNT Pvt Ltd does not offer any refund policy for the orders placed at or from the locations falling under the South America regions like Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, and China. iT4iNT Pvt Ltd does not offer any Credit back policy for any kind of IP blocking by local ISP of user region also not eligible for changing of IP and location as well who is not taking any trial or demo before purchasing the service. Abuse Complaint If we receive or encounter any abuse complaint or spamming on our servers, iT4iNT Pvt Ltd holds the right to suspend the respective servers on an immediate basis without prior notice as per the laws and ethics – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Technology_Act,_2000. Managed/Unmanaged server By default, iT4iNT Pvt Ltd VPS and Dedicated server plans and packages come with unmanaged services. However, you can acquire managed services with our plans and packages if required. With the managed services, you can invest most of your time and energy in growing your different business aspects rather than looking over or operating your server. iT4iNT Pvt Ltd provides managed services at affordable additional costs. In order to gather more details or ask relevant queries about iT4int Pvt Ltd managed services, you can communicate with our team of proficient experts over the preferred channel as and when you desire. Note: iT4iNT Pvt Ltd does not provide assurance for preventing data loss as well as is not liable for any data loss. However, we do provide an Add-on Backup facility you can purchase anytime at a feasible cost if you are required to safeguard your data. Immense Techie Four International Pvt. Ltd. is not accountable or responsible for any business loss in case of server unavailability or any downtime of the server. I have accept the General service agreement by my self by selecting the accept button of contract while placing order no. # order number with Invoice #number. I (Client Name) acknowledge that I have read, and do hereby accept the terms and conditions contained in this General Service Agreement the Electronic Statement (eStatement) Consent.