The company Veda web host is in the business of web hosting services, not marketing. Moreover, with the website we collect data customer’s data for internal reasons. We collect various types of information from customers such as contact information, technical information, billing information, reseller information and server usage information. Furthermore, we collect said information to provide customer-driven services and for billing purposes. Moreover, we also collect visitors’ information to improve our marketing strategies.

       Also, we will not use collected information to sell data or spam visitors or customers.  Moreover, the company also stores customers’ purchase history and billing information for record-keeping purposes. Importantly, some of our activities engage in server tracking with the only purpose to monitor any kind of illegal or fraudulent operations by customers or organisations on our servers.

  1. What Is Spam?

For us, spam is a kind of unexpected or unordered message delivered to addressee via email or electric connection or telecommunication networks. Such messages when transferred in large quantities to the large user base will be treated as a transfer of spam. Therefore, we strictly restricted spam.

  1. Obligations of a Customer

During our hosting services usage our customer obligates:

  • Not to send spam via email to people who have not showed any interest to receive them;
  • Not to provide any kind of services through which a third person could spread spam:
  • Not to collect, store, spread or publish the data under which a spam can be sent.
  • Apply opt-in principle for any information sent through email and also provide an option to refuse the spam.
  1. Spam Policy Implementation

Customer spreading spam will be treated as a breach of instructions. Moreover, if a customer do not follow the his/her duties related to spam spreading, the hosting services will be immediately terminated without giving any notice.

  1. Complaints by the Third Person

In case, when the third person provides a complaint against the customer to the company, regarding spamming or any kind of violation of spam policy. In such case, the company {vedawebhost} can ask customer to provide all the information regarding the complaint. Above all, hosting services can also be terminated in some cases. 

  1. Prevention Against Spam

If you receive any kind of spam email or message from our side, immediately notify us through email or just reach us through the support help desk. Above all, please attach the content related to spam.

Disclaimers of

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Before uploading any information on this website kindly go through our Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and term & condition. As every hosting provider have different policies.

Note: We at strictly prohibit illegal and vulgar content on our server. Moreover, if we detect any of the content related to adult content, any government, wordpress nulled themes and related content that are against our terms and conditions. We will suspend your account immediately without giving any notification.

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