Installing an SSL certificate in Windows 2019 server

Installing an SSL certificate in Windows 2019 server


Secure Sockets Layer certificates are small data file, which enables a safe connection between a website and the visitor’s browser. The following steps will help you install an SSL certificate on Microsoft Windows server 2019 using IIS. It is possible to establish an encrypted connection between a web browser and a web server using SSL’s public and private keys.

Using IIS, generate a certificate signing request

Whenever you apply for or purchase an SSL certificate, you will need to create a CSR on your server. Once the CSR has been created, it will be sent to the relevant Certificate Authority.

The steps for creating a CSR are as follows:
● Step 1- Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager is the first step.

● Step 2 – Double-click the Server Certificates in the left pane after clicking on the server name.

● Step 3 – Select Create Certificate Request from the right pane.

● Step 4 – Click the Next button after entering your domain name, company name, department name, city, state, and country name.

● Step 5 – Click the Next button after selecting the Cryptographic Service Provider and a bit length of 2048.

● Step 6 – Click the Finish button after specifying the filename and location where you wish to save the CSR.

● Step 7 – After creating the CSR, submit it to the Certificate Provider in order to obtain a new SSL certificate.

Install the SSL on IIS Website

● The first step is to open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager from Start >
Administrative Tools.

● Double-click on the Server Certificates icon in the left pane after clicking on the
server name

.● To complete the certificate request, click on Complete in the right pane.

● In Step 4, browse and select the web hosting option in the certificate store and
provide your domain name.

The SSL certificate has now been successfully installed. Next, you will need to assign the certificate to your website.

Following the procedures below, you can assign the certificate:

● Step 1: Open IIS Manager, expand the server name and then click on the Default Website in the right pane, followed by Bindings. To install an SSL on Windows
     Server with IIS, go to IIS and look for the required Website, then click on Bindings.

● Step 2 – To add a new Binding, click the Add button.

● Step 3 – To install the certificate, choose HTTPS, pick your website’s IP address or leave it blank, input port 443, type your domain name, select the domain name on which you wish to install SSL, and click the OK button.

Type HTTPS in the address box, followed by the right port number (443). Finally, select the SSL certificate required for the new binding. Now you can connect       securely to your website.


All right, that’s it. Your SSL Certificate should now be successfully installed in your Windows 2019 server. Completely relax and start your browser and key in your server URL. The SSL certificate is now installed on your website. Still, need any assistance on Vedawebhost hosting solutions, you can consult us anytime. our support team is always available to help you.