How to install SSL certificate in Linux server step by step


Security is one of the most crucial parts of any online business that must be maintained properly to grow the online business. If you do not secure your website then it can harm your online journey very badly. For example, it can reduce the number of visitors and affect your online SEO strategies. Furthermore, if your customers do not feel secure then how will they engage with your website?

What is an SSL certificate and why is it important for

Here SSL certificate plays an important role to secure your website. Actually, The full form of SSL is a secure sockets layer certificate. It is one of the most essential elements which helps you to make your online business transaction very secure with encrypted. SSL has a very high level of digital encrypted data features for the transaction password. This high level of security allows you to protect your and your customer’s data very easily. On the other hand, if your websites do not acquire an SSL certificate then hackers and different types of malware will find their way to come into your website or application that can steal all your and your customer’s
data and can misuse it.

Step by step guide to installing SSL certificate in
Linux server:

● Collect all the necessary information and Document to submit the certificate authority

For acquiring an SSL certificate you have to submit the required information and document to the certificate authority. So, the first step is to obtain all the related required documents for submission to the authority.

● Generate a CSR on your server

Generating a CSR (certificate signing request) will be your second step in this process. It is a formatted encrypted message which is sent to the Certificate authority from SSL. After receiving the encrypted message CA certificate authority will validate your information.

● Submit documents to the authority

Now, submit all your collected information, document and CSR. They will check your information and documents and validate your eligibility and at last, they will issue your SSL certificates

● Install the SSL certificate to your Linux server

Now, as you have acquired an SSL certificate. Go to your Linux Plesk control panel and select domain after that choose a domain that you want to update. After choosing the specific domain you will see the icon ‘add new certificate’. Click on the icon. Find your acquired certificate files and copy all the text of the files after that paste the copied text to the correct box and click on the bottom of ‘send text’. Now, let’s jump to the hosting section. You can find the hosting section on your domain screen. Click on the setup section and you’ll get a drop-down list. In the list search for the ‘new certificate’ button and click on it.
And, Now click on the ‘ok’ to finish your process. If you followed the entire process then Congratulations you have successfully installed an SSL certificate to your Linux server. however, if you are still confused, don’t worry Vedawebhost offer managed to host plans where you don’t need to install anything, experts are there to install everything on your server. explore Vedawebhost managed servers now.

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