How to fix the HTTPS 404 error?

How to fix the HTTPS 404 error?

404 errors indicate that a page could not be found on the server of a particular website. This error does not indicate that the server itself is unreachable, just that the page that has the error cannot be reached. Individual websites often customize 404 Not Found error messages. There are plenty of 404errors on the web, and we have probably all seen one at least once. In an HTTP status code 404, the web server is unable to find the page on the server you requested.

What is an HTTPS 404 error?

One of the most frequent problems on the web is a 404 HTTP error. The message also goes by the name “404 Page Not Found.” It means that there was a problem locating the page you were searching for. It usually indicates that the page has been relocated or destroyed. A 404 page is unquestionably bad for a website. It degrades the user experience, and often sending visitors to 404 error pages can cause a website to be labelled as “unreliable” or “low-quality.”

How to fix the error?

In order to fix the error, kindly follow these measures or steps-
● Check the URL
Whatever method you used to enter the URL address, it is still possible that you made a mistake. You should therefore verify that you entered the URL address correctly. Your error might be the result of a typo, or it could also be from the person who entered the link.
● Update the page
The page may not have loaded correctly, which is the most likely cause of the error 404. This can be quickly done by using the F5 key or the ctrl + r or cmd + r(mac) button on your keyboard.
Utilize the search function
A search engine is frequently available on the homepage of websites. You can discover the particular page you’re searching for by entering one or more keywords.
Change your search engine
The option of utilising the website of your choosing to discover a website is also an option. As long as the topic is present, you should be able to find the necessary site by entering the website domain and/or a keyword transliteration of it.

● Delete the browser cache and cookies
There’s might be some chances where your device would be showing the error but it might be working perfectly fine in other devices. In this condition, you’re advised to clear your all browsing data and cache memory.
● Consult the website developer
When none of the above-mentioned suggestions has worked, then the only option may be to contact your website developer.
Retrace the directory hierarchy
In the domain, if you get a 404 error, then you can always check the previous directory level (in this case, to see if the desired page is there. Clearing the last directory in the URL is the only action you need to do. The link to the page you’re looking for should be visible on the previous page.


404 errors are really annoying as a site owner and as an audience. It not only affects the page rankings but also builds a bad reputation in minds of your customer and the public. In order to get rid of these issues, you can rely on our maintenance plan. Contact us now, get your 404 error fixed in no time and see your website growing with leaps and bounces.