How Change user role for user accounts wizard

How Change user role for user accounts wizard

How Change user role for user accounts wizard

It is common in your organization for some employees to be responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware, including mobile computers and servers. There are some employees who are allowed to edit but not delete configuration items, whilst others can update, delete, and edit configuration items.

What are User Roles?

The user role profile defines an employee’s access rights, and it usually corresponds to their responsibilities at work. The role profiles for each user control access to knowledge articles, work items (incidents, change requests), authoring, and administration. Think of user roles as permissions.

Assigning User Roles

In order to give a user role
● On the Administration tab of the Service Manager interface, click.
● Select User Roles after expanding Security in the Administration window.
● Double-click on Advanced Operators in the User Roles window.
● Click Users in the Edit User Role dialogue box.
● Click Add on the Users page.
● Enter the name of the person or group you want to include in this user role in the Select
Users or Groups dialogue box, click Check Names, and then click OK.
● Click OK in the Edit User Role dialogue box.

Create a user role

  1. To access the Administration console in Service Manager, click Administration.
  2. Select User Roles from the Administration pane by expanding Security.
  3. Select Create User Role under User Roles, and specify the user role profile you would like to
    use for this new role, such as Author, in the Tasks pane.
  4. Follow these steps to finish the User Role Wizard:
    a) Click Next on the Before You Begin page.
    b) Give this user role a name and a description on the General page, and then click Next.
    c) Start by filtering the range of the data that you wish to provide access to on the Management Packs page. Choose the management packs, such as Incident Management Library, that contain the data you wish to provide access to. Choose Next.

d) The classes, queues, groups, tasks, views, and form templates that are accessible for the given user role from the given administration packs are presented on the following pages.
e) To add users or groups to this user role from Active Directory Domain Services, click Add, and then select users and groups from the Select Users or Groups dialogue box. Click Next to continue.
f) You must ensure that the settings on the Summary page are correct before clicking Create.
g) Click Close after you see The user role was created successfully on the Completion page.

Validation of new user role

● The newly created role should be visible in the middle of the Service Manager console.
● As a user assigned to the user role, sign in to the Service Manager console. Ensure you don’t
have access to data you don’t have rights to access based on your user role.


It is possible that managers of your company may decide in the future to separate the employees who deal with desktop computer configuration issues from those who deal with portable computer issues. We hope that this article would help you to open and change the user role for the user
account wizard.